Functional Reflex Therapy

A brief history

Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) was developed by Lorraine Senior, a UK based reflexologist who, as a teacher for over 20 years, supported children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families.

Over a number of years Lorraine delivered regular reflexology as timetabled therapy in the education system, in residential environments, and for a local children's charity. She was encouraged with the results of her research and completed case studies (unpublished), observations And feedback from receivers, parents and staff to create Functional Reflex Therapy in 2012.


Functional Reflex Therapy Workshops

I am planning to run some FRT workshops to enable people to use and apply the FRT routine. These workshops:

  •   Are intended to be friendly, fun and informative.
  •   Teach routines to be applied to the hand and foot.
  •   Are two x 2.5 hour sessions that are held over consecutive weeks.
  •   Will provide you with handouts to support the skills you learn.
  •   It is possible to learn the hand only or foot only routine In one x 3.5 hour session.

Please note that by attending an FRT workshop you will learn how to apply the basic routines demonstrated by me for the benefit of you and your family.

The workshop is not part of any recognised reflexology training course. It does not give you a qualification and FRT respectfully asks that you do not try to teach others.

For further information on FRT please visit their website at